Friday, November 29, 2013

IFTLE 171 Semicon Taiwan Part 3: Disco, Namics, Amkor

The last of our looks at September 2013s Semicon Taiwan.
Disco claims to have 73%of the edge trim business and 90% of the back grinding business.
Disco offers trimming before or after bonding as shown below. Trimming after bonding shows faster blade wear and lower throughput . Trimming before bonding requires additional cleaning before bonding.

Lowering the TTV (total thickness  variation) of temp bonding materials improves the  TTV of the thinned silicon wafer. One option is to surface planarize the temp bonding material.

Cleanliness during the grind and CMP operations can be handled by integrated grind / CMP / clean units.
Disco offers both Blade and Laser Dicing.
Namics gave an update on CUF underfills for 2.5/3DIC. The Namics roadmap for capillary underfill is shown below.
Only fine filler underfills can be used with TSV stacked packages. Higher filler loadings are needed to reduce filler CTE.
Higher thermal conductivity CUF can be made by increasing the filler content.
Vacuum assisted process or pressure assisted process can both be used to decrease voiding in CUF.
Choon Lee of Amkor gave a presentation on “From Advanced Packaging to 2.5D/3D.
Interestingly  Lee predicted a silicon interposer cost of 2.7-4$/cm sq (100 sq mm) and expectations of organic interposer costs at 50% cost reduction.
Lee showed the following example of converting a silicon interposer to PCB.
For all the latest on 3DIC and advanced packaging stay linked to IFTLE…….


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